3 months – 2 teeth, ouch!

Now you might think that since James is a full time photographer and I myself am a keen photographer as well, that we have taken lots and lots of pictures of baby James. Well we have and we haven’t, I guess that there are always things that you wish you could change and I wish that I had done a real newborn photoshoot with him myself. But there was just too much else to do during those first days, whatever energy I had to spare was used on enjoying precious baby cuddles. On some level we knew that this would happen and therefore we had made sure to book one of our professional photographer friends to come and do a newborn photoshoot when James was 12 days old. It was great to let someone else do the work and just sit there and smile.

The first time I got around to do a proper photoshoot with him was on his 3 month birthday, which was also the day when his first two teeth came through. Yes I said two and on the same day! We were visiting my parents in the Faroe Islands at the time and I had none of my professional gear other than the camera and a 50 mm lense, so the images could have been a lot better, however I still treasure them dearly.

At 3 months James had just started pulling himself up on his elbows and holding his head quite well. He loved playing peek a boo with my mum. After we left the Faroes they have played peek a boo over Skype and I must say that the wonders of the internet make the distance so much smaller.



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