6 months old – we love books

The first thing James (Snr) and I did after our first visit at the midwife was to go to the book shop and buy two books for the little happy bean growing in my tummy. From that day on we read to him and we still do. I hope that he one day is gonna enjoy the world of books himself. I find that the best time of the day to read to James is when he has just woken up from a nap, he is so cuddly and we usually snuggle under the duvet in our big bed and read. When he goes to bed he is usually too tired from his bath, so instead we sing songs and he had a good breastfeed.

I don’t know where the past 6 months have gone. James is now sitting by himself and he babbles so much. It is so lovely to see how he enjoys to play with his toys and how happy he is when he makes them bib and flash. His nursery is almost finished now, it truely is the nicest room in the entire house, that probably means that it is about time that I start working on the living room a bit. In the new year the whole house is getting a coat of white paint, I just cant stand magnolia. Crisp white walls, boom! It just makes the rooms feel so much bigger.

If you ask me which is James favorite book, I kind of want to say the Gruffalo or the Faroese book which we are reading in the pictures below. It is about a little boy who imagines that he is a pirate. We are all about the sea, whales, fishes and pirates themes for James and his room. When his room has been painted we have some brilliant whale stickers from Iceland which are going on the wall and a special faroese quote from a nursery rhyme which is going above his bookshelf. Honestly, I might never finish decorating his room!




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