9 months in and 9 months out

Being pregnant with JJ was a beautiful experience. Like most mothers to be I spent a lot of time thinking about what this little human growing inside me would be like. First of all, was it a boy or a girl. What would make him/her smile, would he/she be healthy, would he/she like books, would he/she have trouble teething, these and so many other thoughts went through my mind and last but not least, would I be a good mother to this unborn child.

The first 9 months have passed and we are all doing great. JJ is healthy, and just about anything makes him smile, he loves books and we have had very little trouble with the 7 teeth he has got so far. During the first 9 months out in this world JJ has gone through more physical, mental and emotional changes than he will at any other time in his life. He has gone from being a little baby who slept a lot and did not do much, to a bumshuffeling, almost walking, exploring, laughing and babbling cheeky little boy. So much has happened so quickly the last few months. He can now stand and hold on to things, he loves pulling books of his shelves. It is probably his favorite game at the moment, wonder if he knows that it is not my favorite as I have to tidy it up, only for him to untidy again 😉 By looking at how happy JJ is and how he is thriving I wish that I could go back in time and tell pregnant Iris that she is going to be a great mother 😉

But how have I changed these last 9 months, well firstly I have lost weight! I remember being pregnant and seeing the number on the scale slowly increase, I was shocked when it went past 80 kg. I never ever thought that I could weigh that much, well I reached at least 86 kg before JJ was born. Today I am down to a magic number of 70 kg (last time I used the scale at the in laws, we don’t have a scale in our house because I don’t want one!).  Just like I never thought that I could weigh more than 80 kg I never thought that I could loose 16 kg by doing little to no exercise. I have been breastfeeding JJ and still am, this must have contributed a lot to my weight loss. I do go for the occasional run, and walk with JJ every day either in the pram or in the baby carrier. But I don’t diet, well not intentinally anyway. With JJ now eating solid food alongside the breastmilk, we put a lot of thought into what we eat. JJ eats what we eat, we find it much easier that way and not having to make a separate meal for him. I am also convinced that it will give him a healthy approach to eat any foods. At the moment his favorite is chicken curry with rice and asparagus soup 😀

Everything included the first 9 months with JJ out in the world have been incredible. We have been blessed with an easy child, one that makes us smile several times each day and just has the most adorable smile himself. Our priorities have changed in a way that has make us experience life to our full capability, we dream big dreams for JJ, and this also makes us want to achieve more ourselves. It is fascinating how a baby can open your eyes to see how amazing life is. How lucky you are to be surrounded by so much beauty and all around love. We truly are living a life that we love!

Iris Xx



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