Mamba is visiting

When I was 7 years old years old my sister and I got the most wonderful present we could wish for, a baby brother! We absolutely adored him and still do. We like to think that we have taught him a thing or two about life and are partly to blame for him turning out to be the most thoughtful, supportive and not to forget handsome young man!

He is not such a little boy anymore, today he is 22 years old and this summer he is starting his degree to become a skipper, after having worked on trawlers for 3 years since finishing high school. In 2013 he was on a trawler which sank, the crew was rescued onto other trawlers in the area. It was a very traumatic experience for them all and for the families at home. This was a big scare for the whole family, but it showed us that the best time is here and now. There really is no time like the present. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow, therefore the best time to love fully is now in this moment. Life is fragile and we are lucky to have a family where we all love each other so much.

Before JJ was born it was decided that if he was a boy his name would be James, just like his dad, his grandad, his greatgrandad and so on. His middle name was my choice and I one day the thought came to me, I wanted it to be Herálvur, which is my brothers name. I know that JJ will look up to his mamba (means mothers brother) and by sharing the same name I hope to have created a special connection between them. My brother Herálvur is named for our grandads brother. He was one of the most gentle, childfriendly and kind person we have ever known. Knowing that his name lives on now in both my brother and my son makes me happy.

My brother and girlfriend Eydna came to visit us for my 30th birthday. This was their first couples holiday together and I have to say that I am honoured that they chose to spend part of it with us. With all my family living far away I really meant a lot to have them visiting. I can never get enough of these two! We got to show them how much JJ likes the playpark, I think that they had quite a bit of fun there too. We also went sightseeing up to the Cairngorms and impressed them with some stunning views. Saying goodbye at Edinburgh airport was not so difficult knowing that we will see them again in 2 weeks time.

Iris Xx

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