Travelling to the Faroe Islands

I find the most difficult aspect of travelling with a baby is packing! Knowing what to pack for a 5 week holiday is not easy, and when JJ’s luggage allowance is 10 kg it is quite unrealistic as well.  Between the 3 of us we were allowed 50 kg and for once we were only 4 kg over and managed to not get charged, big smiles all around and it is possible that JJ charmed the lady who checked us in!

We get to fly direct from Edinburgh to the Faroe Islands with the Faroese airline Atlantic Airways.  This is a relatively new route, but one we are so immensely thankful for.  It flight takes just over an hour and the cost is affordable for us to do a couple of times or more per year.  We flew out on the 11th of April; this was the 7th time JJ was on a flight and as per usual he did great.  He went into a deep milky sleep at the departure gate at Edinburgh airport and woke up just as we started the descent to the Faroe Islands.

The first night was spent in Tórshavn as we had two photoshoots there the next day.  We woke up to lovely weather on Tuesday and after breakfast we went for a walk around Tórshavn harbour.  JJ was in the Manduca babycarrier and quickly fell asleep.  He just loves that carrier and especially when I wear the Mamawo coat over it.  They must both have come with lots of sleepy dust!

Both photoshoots went great and JJ got to come along as well.  There is no omma (faroese for granny) in Tórshavn to look after him, but the Faroese clients don’t seem to mind.  He is quite good entertainment as well ;).  We like JJ being part of our life in every way and don’t find it a hassle having him around during a photoshoot.

Later that evening we took the ferry Smyril south to Suðuroy which is where I am from and where we will be spending the most part of these next 5 weeks.  My mum and dad came to the ferry to pick us up, this was a very exciting moment for us all as JJ has not seen them since the beginning of February.  We do skype around once per week, but we were all excited to see if JJ would be able to recognised them.  Oh you should have seen him! His reaction was priceless.  He had the biggest smile and shouted his aaaahhh aaahhh at them, there was no doubt he knew them 😀

The 5 weeks here in the Faroes will be filled with lots and lots of family time, we are gonna be out on ohotoshoots and JJ will get to spend time with omma and abbi (faroese for granny and grandad). Being at home with my parents is wonderful.  We are truly blessed that we can call this home too and that they want to put up with us for 5 weeks…  and a couple of more times later this year 😉

Iris Xx

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