Halfway through

It sounds like ages, when you say that you are going away for 5 weeks. But it really isn’t! We are half way through our holiday here in the Faroes.

Sometimes when you are on a holiday, you have so many things you want to do and so many people to see. Our holidays used to be like that, we used to do a lot of photoshoots up here and travel around just like we pleased, taking both early and late ferries between the islands. But when you have a baby with you it kind of grounds you in the best way possible. We still do photoshoot and JJ even gets to come with us for some. But mostly we have lie ins, some days we leave the house, but not every day. Some days we leave the village and some we just go for a wander around here with the pram looking at sheep.

Over these last few weeks here JJ has developed so much. He shows a keen interest in animals, he shouts at the sheep, dogs and any kind of birds. He has also got a specific voice which he only uses for speaking to stuffed animals, it is very gentle and he is clearly trying to be nice to them. He has learned to give objects when you reach your hand out and say “takk” (thank you), and he will reach his hand out to get objects if you say “James fáa” (James get).

As for us grown ups we are also having a lovely time. We are always so layed back when we are up here, it is as if stress does not exist. James works most days; we are lucky that so much of his work can be done over the computer for a few weeks. We get to go for walks at night when JJ has gone to bed and my parents listen out for him. This is quite nice and reminds us of what we used to do one year ago, when we did a lot of walking in the hope that it would encourage the little bundle of joy growing inside me to come out (on time!).

Below are some photographs of our day to day life here in the Faroes.

Iris Xx


JJ is getting so good at drinking from his sippy cup. This is one we got from the health visitor back in            Scotland, it is probably the worlds simplest cup, but it is also the best one. Twist the lid to the side                  and not a drop comes out, when you twist it to the middle he can drink. We are lucky to have two of these cups, not always that the fancy ones are the best.



Out for walks with daddy in Sandvík. For JJ there are so many exciting thing to look at here in Sandvík,       there are sheep, lams, chicken, dogs and sometimes we meet a relative as well. JJ still has not fallen               asleep during a walk yet, he is just much to curious. Wonder who he gets that from 😉



When I was a little girl we used to visit my abbi (grandad) at Bergið in Hvalba where he was making trawl nets. Now my dad works there when he is not away on the trawlers fishing. So it was quite an important moment to me when we took JJ to visit his abbi and to see the trawl nets that he is making.



We ventured north one Saturaday for a couple of photoshoots, to visit the Moomin forest and meet the Moomins. The Nordic House in Tórshavn had a children’s event on and for that occasion there was a magical indoors forrest made and Moomin himself was walking around with Little My.




JJ got to meet Moomin and Little My. It was so much fun seeing him greet his first stuffed character. He laughed at him and gently stroked his big nose.





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