Small town tranquility.

It is one week today until we fly back to Scotland.  We are looking forward to getting back to our house, our dog Suzie and the family there.  Being able to spend 5 weeks with my family in my small hometown in the Faroes is a privilege.

I grew up in Sandvík and lived here until I was 17 year old, when I went to high school in Tórshavn, worked there for a couple of years and since went to university in Aberdeen.  But no matter how long I have been gone for or how far away, Sandvík is still home.  Some might wonder what is so exciting about this little town; they say that there is nothing here.  Nothing because there is no shop, no bank, no café, no school, no work.  But I don’t see the nothing, I see a whole lot of something!  For a child everything you need is here, grandparents, family, big fields to roam, the countries largest beach, streams to catch fish in, rich wildlife, mountains to climb, rafts to build, safety and tranquility.

I know, that I might never be able to live here again, there might not be a job of my desire on the island, but if there was I would not hesitate.  Then again, this is the perfect oasis to return to for holidays and to just find peace when everything else is so busy.  Busy does not exist here in the same way as it does in other places.  Yes there is plenty to do, maybe today or maybe tomorrow.  The Faroes are known for this, our word for maybe is “kanska” and the faroes are “The Land Of Kanska”.  Whilst everywhere else most things have to be rushed, here they don’t. We take our time and that way I think that we get a better experience out of what we do.

One thing that I love about visiting here for so long is that I go into island mode! I don’t stress about anything and my outlook on life is just so relaxed.  Luckily I stay in island mode for a good few weeks after returning to Scotland.  Friends and family over there might not always understand that I don’t rush around trying to catch up with everyone and get things done since being away for so long.  I will catch up and get things done, maybe today or maybe tomorrow!

For now, I am enjoying the last week here in the Faroes, lots of walks with JJ and lots of cute lambs to look at.

Iris Xx











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