A very special gift from mostur

JJ’s 1st birthday is coming up and since the family in the Faroes will miss it, we decided to have a little early birthday with them whilst we were up there.  He absolutely loved having a day all about him and was a bit surprised, when he got to tear the wrapping paper of gifts and eat cake all day.

My sister, mostur (Faroese for aunty) had put in such a big effort to make his day so special.  The whole room was decorated with a Batman theme, there were Batman cupcakes and not to forget the special gift she had made for him.  She had made him a treasure chest from wood, full of blocks to spell out his whole name and lots of wooden animals.  She honestly does have such a special gift in the way that she can make things from wood and JJ is very lucky that she chooses to spoil him with such precious timeless gifts. When he was born, she made him a rocking crib which had paintings of our favorite story book characters all over it.  Both the crib and the treasure chest are definitely gonna be passed down through generations.

It is very moving for me, to see my sisters love for JJ.  She was the first person I told (after James of course), when I found out, that I was pregnant back in September 2014.  As soon as I told her, she started crying and came to touch my tummy.  She came with us to the midwife to hear the baby’s heartbeat when we were half way through and she was the first person I told the morning when I woke up with contractions (yes, she got at text message from me on the toilet!).  Having had her so close through the whole pregnancy has definitely given her and JJ a special bond.  One of his favorite things to do when we are in the Faroes is to sit on her lap whilst she plays the guitar, I have a feeling that he might sit next to her with his own guitar not to far into the future.

In July we are looking forward to going to the Faroese summer fastivals with her and to cheer her and her rowing crew on as they will be competing almost every weekend.  JJ has got a matching outfit to the one of the rowing crew, he is likely to be the cutest mascot there 🙂

Below are some pictures from his birthday in the Faroes.

Iris Xx



















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