Breastfeeding is my superpower

Who has not at some point wished that they had some kind of super power? Maybe wondered about what it would be like to fly or walk through walls? I sometimes wish that my superpower was being able to be on top of everything, but it isn’t. Instead breastfeeding is my superpower.

Our breastfeeding journey started within an hour of JJ being born.  As soon as he was put on me, he started searching. Honestly, it is amazing how he just knew that there was something there to look for.  The first days of breastfeeding I guess that I was like most other first time mums, not knowing if what I was doing was right. I remember sleeping with no bra on and then waking up one morning only to find that I was lying in a puddle of milk…during the night the milk had come in, since then there has never been a lack of it and breast pads were my best friends for a long time.

On the 5th day of breastfeeding we had a visit from the health visitor who weighted JJ. He had gained 260 gr. since leaving hospital. I was so happy, so, so happy!  This to me was proof, that what I was doing was right and my baby was thriving.

I can feed JJ whenever and where ever he wants it and I have. One time that I remember particularly well was in a busy grocery shop. Me and my sister were doing our shopping with a trolley each. JJ was around 8 weeks old, he was in his carseat in my trolley. He was getting really grumpy and I knew that I did not stand a chance at paying for my groceries before he was screaming the shop down. So I did what I had to do. Found some potato sacks to sit on and fed him. In that moment I realised that breastfeeding is my super power. I did not care where I was or who was there as long as my baby was being fed.

JJ has been on planes 8 times now and every single time time my superpower has come in so handy during takeoff, landing and usually in-between as well. In my opinion the food on planes is not made for babies and since there is only so much I can carry in the changing bag, which is my only hand luggage, superpowers are just very handy. I am travelling alone with JJ in just a few days and my travel outfit is planned out with easy breast access. When it comes to breastfeeding clothes I recommend getting some thin strap tops which are easy to pull down. They can be worn under shirts and other tops and woopti you can wear anything you want and still breastfeed.

We were at a car booth sale the other weekend. I was carrying JJ in a ring sling when he started getting hungry. He now tells me what he wants by putting his face on my chest and pulling my top. It melts my heart every time. So I fed him there walking around with him in the sling. Other people were walking around eating pancakes and burgers. To me what we did was exactly the same. Feeding.

To me breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. I don’t understand what all the fuzz is about, when did it become so unnatural. As a woman I prefer for my breasts not to be seen by unnecessarily many people. As a breastfeeding mother, my breasts are for feeding my son. Some times I feel that people who support breastfeeding take the support one step to far. Just hear me out…

I have had a few situations where I have been breastfeeding JJ and someone has said to other people in the room, “she is just gonna breastfeed him, it is natural, that is what breasts are made for” etc. That to me is not normalising breastfeeding. I have felt very awkward in those situations, because I don’t think that breastfeeding needs to be defended or explained.  If my breastfeeding was ever to be defended, then it would be by me. I also have a feeling that the people who it was said to have felt awkward.  If a mother is spoon feeding her baby no one points out that she is doing so, so why should breastfeeding be any different. It is just feeding.

I remember that before I was pregnant with JJ I would see breastfeeding women and admire them. I was hoping that I would be able to do that one day and I could honestly not wait. From the first time JJ latched on to the breast we have enjoyed our breastfeeding journey. I consider myself so lucky to have been given these powers, as I do know that this is not just a given! My super powers get JJ to sleep every night and there is no sweeter sight than him dosing off cuddled up close to me. I have never given much thought to when our breastfeeding journey is gonna end as this is not up to myself. This will be JJ’s choice and I am confident that he will make it when he is ready.

Iris Xx

The first ever breastfeed. Superpowers were setting in and so were the emotions.






The famous shopping trip where I fed JJ a stack of potato sacks. This is when I realised just how amazing my superpower is!



The rest of the pictures are taken when JJ was 11 months old. Me and James had been photographing a wedding most of the day before and now JJ was catching up for all the boppa (that is what we call it) he had not had the day before. I absolutely love these pictures of us having just another feed in bed. This was a natural moment for us, one that is now captured and will stay with me forever.









2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding is my superpower

  1. Fraser took to breastfeeding like nothing else, the midwives were amazed at the way he needed no help in latching.

    You could hear him from right across the ward, he was the only baby to leave the hospital with a weight gain despite vomiting on a regular basis due to swallowing meconium.

    I was grateful I was not having to deal with bottles and sterilising when I had to start back to work as early as I did and be was up all night either feeding it with colic.


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