Come away with me

There is nothing quite like visiting your home country with your child. This is the 4th time that I get to take JJ to the Faroe Islands, words can not describe how thankful I am for the direct flights by Atlantic Airways between Edinburgh and the Faroe Islands. This journey was different though, as it was the first time I was travelling up alone with JJ, James will be joining us in 10 days.

When I think back on our first travel up with him, this one was easy peasy and the first one, well it was really not good. He was 6 weeks old at the time of our first travel! I remember him crying all the way thought security, because he had pooped. We went to change him (it had of course gone every where and a total change of outfit was needed) and whilst doing this, time must have gone by really fast, because all of a sudden our names were shouted over the speakers and we were told to make our way to the gate! James ran to the gate first to tell them that I was on my way, I got JJ half dressed and ran as if I had stolen this half dressed baby! When we got to the gate everyone was not even on the plane yet and really, there was no need for panic, but I have never been that stressed in my life!

My best advice for anyone travelling with little children is to bring a baby carrier. I always travel with my ring sling, it makes everything so much easier as it frees my hands for carrying luggage etc. I can’t tell you what brand my ring sling is, I bought it second hand online. It has a slightly padded shoulder which is so comfortable for travel days where there is so much carrying going on. This time as we were slightly rushing to get to our gate (we spent to long in the soft play area) I really needed to get to the bathroom, and just to give you an idea of how amazing a ring sling is – I managed to go to the bathroom without even taken JJ out of the sling. It really brings the stress levels down. Oh talking about stress levels, going through security. It is the only stressful aspect of travelling with JJ in the ring sling because the ring sets of the alarm. This means that I need to take him out of the sling, I have to get a body scan and JJ has to be checked too. I think that this is reason enough for investing in a new sling 🙂

Another tip for anyone travelling with little children is to pack snacks. We always have some dry snacks, fruit pouches and an empty sippy bottle with us. There is a water fountain after the security check at Edinburgh airport where we fill up JJ’s bottle. Lastly, bring some entertainment. Be it a new toy, an old toy or just anything that will keep them occupied . Oh and very lastly, dont be afraid to ask for help! I have always been a “no thank you” person if anyone has offered to help me, I would say no thanks. This has changed now and I very much appreciate any help I can get when I travel.

We arrived at my parents house in Sandvík on the island of Suðuroy on Friday afternoon. The house was full of people as my sister had her rowing crew staying over. They were racing at the regional festival Jóansøka on Saturday. During the summer there are lots of regional festivals on in different villages spread over the Faroe islands. There are many different activities on during the festivals, something  on for everyone. For me one of the highlight is the boat races in traditional faroese boats. The crews are competing for the faroese rowing championships with the final race being on the 28th of July at the National Holiday Ólavsøka.

We went to Jóansøka in the village Vágur on Saturday. Not only did we get to see my sisters crew competing, but JJ also got to go with them to receive their silver medals. He was sitting on my sisters shoulders and got to receive hers. Such a proud moment for us all.

It has been a busy few days for me and JJ and he has been so tired come night time. Today my parents have gone sailing in their boat, but I had to listen to my tired mamma body and say no thank you, we are staying at home. I took JJ to feed the horses, he picked a buttercup and then he fell asleep in the pram with the buttercup in his hand. That is also what summer holidays are about, great naps out in the fresh air.

Below are some pictures form these last two days. There will be more blog posts about the adventures we go on up here so please stay around.

Iris Xx



It is no secret that it is easier to travel along, but it is definitely more fun travelling with your baby!



The iPad and the Stickman came in handy on the plane.


First glimpse of the Faroe Islands.


Sørvágsvatn from the air.


On the ferry Smyril sailing south to Suðuroy



I have a feeling that there are gonna be many selfies on this trip since we don’t have James with us yet.


JJ for a walk with moste and her crew.



Day two we went to the Jóansøka (festival on Suðuroy) to watch my sister take part in the national rowing races.


Dad, my sister Ingibjørg and Sherlock after the race. Sherlock is my sisters dog and he is amazing, such a gentle big ball of fluff.


Sølmundur, the boat which my sister races with.


Dad, my brother Herálvur, his girlfriend Eydna and mum.


Brother, Eydna and me.


Mostur is just so cool. Mostur is faroese for aunty and that is what we are teaching JJ to call my sister.


JJ first time in a traditional faroese rowing boat. This is after the race and the boats are lined up to go on the ferry Smyril back north later that night.


I just love, love, love this one! I am hoping that JJ one day might do some rowing himself – I will totally be the mamma who cheers on them so loudly, just like I do for my sisters boat now!


He does not just smell the flowers, he tastes them too.


Picking flowers with mamma.


My sister has had the rowing logo and her boat name printed on the clothes for JJ.


The highlight of the day. The crew on sisters boat came second so they won silver medals. JJ got to sit on my sisters shoulder and receive her medal with the rest of the crew. Proud mostur and mamma moment for sure!



Admiring the silver medal. Probably wondering if it is eatable 😉


With mostur and her fiance Marner. These two just adore JJ so much. Him and us are honestly so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives, who love him so much.


JJ was a bit cautious around the horses at first, these are after all the biggest animals he has ever been around. I am sure that by the end of the summer holiday he will be feeding them himself 🙂


Fast asleep in the pram with the buttercup in his hand. My heart is melting.






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