Green hills, blue water – hiking and sailing in the Faroe Islands

Today we did nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was great. JJ has a cold (not so great!), there is snot coming out of him all the time and his nose is so red, he is starting to look like Rudolph . Except from trying to take gentle care of his nose, watching the Gruffalo and playing with mega blocks inside his playhouse, we did nothing. Anyone got any good advice for how to cure a runny nose?

The first few days in the Faroes were very busy, but in an adventurous way. There was rowing, trips to the beach, walks, horses to feed, hikes and more sailing. On Monday I went for a hike with my brother Herálvur and his girlfriend Eydna. We went to the west side of Sandvík our hometown. JJ stayed with my mum and dad, this was not a hike I was gonna take him on. I am terrified of heights myself and this hike was a challenge, but take a look at the pictures below and you will understand why I am so happy that I went along.


Brother and Eydna taking in the amazing beauty on the west side of Sandvík.


Can not remember when I last did a good hike like this.


So this is what we wanted to find, the bridge. I am terrified of heights ,so did not step on it. Felt very brave when I dared to touch it!


Honestly, I was just as worried as a mother when my brother walked across it. Think that he might have found me a little bit annoying.


No words are sufficient in describing this beauty.


This is how close I got to the bridge.


My heart almost jumped out of me whilst taking this picture.


I just love this picture SO much.


This is where I feel the most at home.



My brother has a camera, actually a decent one and I am so happy when I see him using it.



These two, ahhh!



JJ has been sleeping okay since we arrived in the Faroes. I was expecting bedtime and naptime routines to go out  straight out the window. This did not happen until Monday, when we both had an accidental late afternoon nap and late dinner. After this he was just not tired and on top of that his gums were so sore (the following day I discovered that the first molar had cut through). So we went sailing, as you do!

My dad has a little boat called Heidi, yup just like my mamma. You know how some men love their car, for my dad the boat is his second big love. Mum of course being the first! He has been so excited to take JJ out on the boat. He got a small life jacket delivered the day we arrived. I should really have a picture of JJ wearing it. He is not a big fan of it, but there is no way he is going on a boat without it being within arms reach. When his walking is good enough for him moving around on the boat himself he will have to wear it all the time.

JJ really enjoyed the sailing. He was fascinated by all the buttons he could press and holding on to the steering wheel. My dad was also in his element showing him everything on the boat. As for my self, it was a truly special moment. When we were sailing back home I was holding JJ at the back of the boat showing him the waves and I honestly think that he was enjoying it. I have grown up being very close to the sea and I would love nothing more than for him to appreciate and respect the sea.

Iris Xx


This is how light it is at 20:00 and this is what you do when babies are teething and not wanting to go to bed in the Faroe Islands.


Proud mamma moment taking JJ on the boat for the first time.


My dad was in his element. I think that he had really been looking forward to this moment.


THIS is what being a abbi (grandad) is all about.


That face, does it not just melt your heart. It sure does mine!



Did not catch any fish that night. But there is always next time. We have had one molar cut through in the last few days, but I think that we have more on the way!

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