Hiking and baby wearing in the Faroe Islands

I love the ocean and I love mountains too.  I definitely love the ocean more than the mountains, but above all other mountains I love the faroese mountains.  Living in the North East of Scotland the mountains there are in my opinion more like rolling hills. Don’t get me wrong, they are stunning too and sometimes covered in the most refreshing trees (which are in very limited supply in the Faroe Islands).

Last summer JJ was only a couple of months old, when we visited the Faroes.  We went for lots of lovely walks in the pram, but no hikes.  Looking back I wish that I had taken him hiking, because he was so much lighter back then.  He is now 13 kg  and well, that is just a little bit heavy.  That is where the baby carrier comes in so handy.

I love my Manduca baby carrier, with it I am able to take JJ with me to places, where the pram can not go.  Baby wearing has been very convenient and come easy for me, JJ and James.  I got a Connecta when JJ was newborn and I loved it.  Sadly it was not the perfect fit for James and we later changed it for a Manduca.  Before getting the Manduca we went to our local sling library to try on different carriers and rented a Manduca.  This way we knew what to buy without making a rather expensive mistake.  Since then me and James are not the only one who have carried JJ in the carrier.  On this hike my brother carried him home again and he really enjoyed it.  It is such a lovely way to experience things together, your baby is at the same level as you and sees what you see.  We also have a ring sling which I mostly use for shorter carries and travel.

Right, I went a bit off topic, this was gonna be about the amazing hike we went on!  It was quite a big deal for me to take JJ on his first hike in the Faroes.  The fact that it was a success made me so happy.  The views we experienced were magnificent and it was so warm.  Really, it was surprisingly warm.  I remember thinking that I might get cold wearing shorts, but I didn’t.  JJ enjoyed sitting in the gras playing with buttercups and pieces of sheep wool.  At one point he wanted a feed and it was such a lovely feeling breastfeeding him amongst these huge mountains.  When the rest of us started getting hungry, we walked back to the car.  JJ fell asleep as soon as he got into the carseat.  The rest of us enjoyed a big ice cream and drove home.

Iris Xx


I am gonna say it, a selfie stick would come in handy sometimes!


Just look at it and breath deeply.



I did pack snacks for JJ to take on the hike. But I forgot them in the car. Luckily I did not forget my boobies in the car, right?


Everything has to be explored, everything! Here he found some wool, which he pulled apart and then gave to me. Thankfully he does not put everything (just most things!) in his mouth.


Brother with his lovely selfie stick. He is chasing that amazing, dangerous, on the edge looking picture, which I am sure he will get one day!



My brother baby wearing JJ in the Manduca carrier on our way home again.


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