Life’s a beach

My hometown has the most amazing beach. It is actually the largest beach in the whole of the Faroe Islands and I have always loved playing there. This summer my sister took JJ for a walk to the beach in Sandvík with her collie dog Sherlock. As the pictures below indicate, he loved it too!

Going to the beach in the Faroe Islands is not exactly like going to the beach in countries further south. This day it was a bit windy and around 10 degrees celsius. But this does not stop people from enjoying the outdoors, pretty much no matter what the weather is like, you will see kids playing outside, on the beach and in the fields. They are always dresses according to the weather and waterproof clothes are a best seller up there. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing 😉

JJ is wearing his amazing rain coat from Zara which I bought the day before we travelled to the Faroe Islands. I just knew that it would come in handy up there. Now we are looking for good wellies, if anyone has any recommendations you are welcome to comment and let me know.

Iris Xx



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