What a difference a year makes

The 28th and the 29th of July are very special to anyone of Faroese nationality.  They are our national holiday Ólavsøka and the celebrations are BIG!  The 29th of July is also James birthday and in 2014 he proposed to me on that day during the national holiday celebrations.  It was such a special day, but I will keep that story for another time.

Last year JJ was 2 months old at Ólavsøka.  James parents and two of my danish friends were with us in the Faroes and got to experience the celebrations with us.  It means so much to me when friends and family travel all the way up there and get to see what life on the islands is like. James wore his kilt and JJ wore a kilt, the faroese national hat and a traditional faroese jumper which I knitted. I did not fit into my faroese national dress since it was only 2 months since I gave birth to JJ and it is also not practical for breastfeeding. So I just wore well something that I fitted into 😉  It was such a special event for both me and James. We were honestly so proud to walk around greeting people and showing them our baby.


JJ’s first Ólavsøka wearing his kilt and the faroese national hat.


I was just gonna say, look how tiny he is. But he was never really tiny 😉


James was so proud to have JJ wearing a kilt.


Ritan, the boat where my sister was part of the crew.


Looks like she was happy to see us 🙂


Me with my sister and mum. My sister was taking part in the rowing and came second in the races that day.



My sister with JJ.


Most of JJ’s first Ólavsøka was spent asleep.


Me with my friends Louise (one of JJ’s godmothers) and Tanja who came up for JJ’s christening and to see the Faroe Islands for the first time.


This Ólavsøka James had gone back to Scotland and me and JJ were leaving very early on the 29th. That way we got the best of both worlds, one day of Ólavsøka and we got to spend James 32nd birthday with him.

The rowing takes place on the 28th and since my sister takes part to me it is one of my  highlights of Ólavsøka. I am so thankful that I got to be there and enjoy the day with my family.

Celebrating Ólavsøka with kids is different to when you don’t have kids and I am ready for it to be different. I used to walk around with my friends during the day and join in the festivities. At night we would go to parties and stay out late. This Ólavsøka I walked around with my parents, we went to kids events, saw the rowing, talked to people in the streets (there are literally thousands of people gathered, it is amazing and you are bound to know someone!). Since me and JJ had to get up at 5 am the next morning to get the plane at 8 am we went home early.

I am already excited for next Ólavsøka, we try to be there for every other Ólavsøka. Since James was not there this year it means that we will all be there next year. JJ will be a year older and he will surely be a bit more of a hands full, but I can’t wait to take him to more events during the celebrations and not having to catch a plane the next morning.

Iris Xx



JJ taking everything in. He is so curious, wonder who he gets that from 😉


Mum, JJ, dad & Sherlock.


JJ got his own gold medal in the kids play area.


My brother Herálvur and his beautiful girlfriend Eydna. They are both wearing the faroese national outfit.



Hug for mamma. Actually, he just wanted to walk, walk and walk some more. I was lucky to get him in a picture with me.


My brother with JJ.


JJ with Beinta gumma (godmother).


Isn’t is just so cute how he looks up to my sister as if to say, are you still there.


Remember how small he was on the picture with my sister from last Ólavsøka.


JJ with my sister and her crew receiving their medals.


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