Bye bye summer

Just less than 3 months ago James got a new job and he loves it. It was one of those opportunities that find you when you are not looking and are too good not to say yes to. We knew that this would mean busy times ahead for our family. August was gonna be especially busy with 8 weddings to photograph and the new job as well.

These last few months I have felt a bit I was getting a taste of being a single mother. I am generally very lucky that James has an office in the house and one away from the house. This summer he has been away a lot and even spent several nights away. When he has been at home, he has mostly been locked up in his office editing and what not. I know that it has been hard for him too, not having time to got for walks with us, reading good night stories to JJ or giving him baths. Our family is a unit and we work together. I always find James work very interested and I can honestly say that I enjoy it when I get to help him.

The summer has shown me that I can do many things myself, most nights the house has even been tidy and clean by the time I went to bed. I have been tired, but I wake up every morning to a toddler with crazy morning hair and big smiles, that is what fuels my days.

There is one week left of August and we are ending the month on a high. This weekend sees August last wedding which I get to photograph with James, actually very excited about it as I have not been at a wedding since…oh wow I just realised that I was a two in July. Photographing weddings is very special and in a way does not feel like working, getting to be around happy in love people gets me all bubbly and in a good mood. Don’t get me wrong, the pressure to get the right pictures is tremendous, but as soon as we arrive at the venue I try not to think to much about this and just be in the moments that unfold.

I am a bit excited for autumn to arrive. I am excited about having time to do some things around the house (this means painting, not sure James is so excited!), going for walks on the beach and visiting new parks. Hey, who knows, we might even go and view a wedding venue ourselves. Yes that is right, we are in the early stages of planning our wedding. More about that later though 😉

Iris Xx



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