I don’t like the word busy.  So I am not gonna say that we have been so busy lately,  instead we have been living a lot recently.  We have been discovering new toddler groups,  gotten to know new amazing people,  caught up with friends, been at the beach, spent weekends at granny,  photographed weddings and I have been swimming with JJ regularly.  On top of all that,  JJ is teething which means that bedtime is a fuzzy thing around here, hence very little me time.  Me time usually got spent on blogging and knitting,  both of which have been put on hold.  To be honest,  I would much rather that my baby got all his teeth through than me getting to post another blog post 😉  He got two corner teeth through just last night and I am so proud of him!

If you want to see what we get up when we are not blogging you can follow on instagram,  as I am a bit better at posting pictures and little stories there.

The pictures below are from the end of August and I think that I will have to print some of them to frame.  The question is just which?  🙂

Iris Xx


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