Mr. Egghead

Autumn is here and I love it! For some reason it is always the season when I get a bit creative. The knitting needles have found their way back out of the basked next to the sofa, we are constantly out picking leafs and sticks to glue onto paper and we have started thinking about which homemade Christmas presents/decorations we can make this year.

One of the goals with my blog has always been to share good ideas of how you can be creative together with your toddler. I believe that encouraging creative play and art making it is important for the development of little ones. The proud look in JJ’s eyes when he makes a messy painting all by himself just tells me that he is having fun and developing his fine motor skills at the same time.

Here comes our first creative activity How To.


All you need is

  • Cotton wool
  • Egg shells
  • Cress seeds
  • Egg tray
  • Sharpie
  • Water

JJ was helping me quite a bit by giving me cotton wool and shaking the cress seed bag. He was also making me a master piece of a crayon drawing.


I had to put some cottonwool in the bottom of the egg tray so that the egghead faces would be visible. I wet the cotton wools in order for the eggshells to sit better on them.

JJ helped me draw the faces on the eggheads…joking! I do think that he is a budding artist, but we are very far away from drawing faces.


One ball of cottonwool was put in each eggshell and the seeds were drizzled on the cotton wool. In hindsight there were too many seeds in some and none had too few seeds. Then water was put over the seeds, enough to make sure that the cotton wool was soaked.


I am so proud of my drawing skills.


Our egg heads got to live on the window ledge for about a week. They got water every day and grew so fast.

Above are day 2 and day 7. I did plan on taking a picture every day, but you know life got in the way and the cress grew just as fast anyway 😉


Voila, rye bred with egg, cress and mayo. It went down a treat and JJ got to pull cress of the egg heads himself and eat them.

Iris Xx



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