Autumn candle jar

There are beautiful autumn leafs everywhere.  I can not get enough of the stunning autumn colours.  Last week we picked leafs in the neighbourhood and brought them home.  JJ loves crafts and get so excited when I take the crafts basket out of the cupboard.

An empty coffee jar was on its way in the glass recycling, when I realised that it would actually look lovely if I glued the leafs onto the jar and put a candle inside it, and so we did.


All you need is

  • Autumn leafs (they should still be soft)
  • Cleaned out jar
  • PVA glue
  • Twine (optional, I did not realise this until I went to put the candle in my jar. Just makes it look nicer)
  • Candle

JJ is a bit of a multitasker, so he also painted a Christmas heart whilst we made the autumn candle jar.


I put the glue on the leafs by using a little brush.


I was going to take pictures after each leaf went on and create a little video from it, but let’s face it, making crafts with kids is fun, but adding a camera into the sticky glue equation can get messy and I just chose not to 😜
The finished jar. I actually underestimated how many leafs I would need and had to go out to the garden half way through to pick some more.


The jar looks lovely in the evening when the light shines through the different coloured leaves.

We hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial. Our next one is very likely to be a Christmassy one 😉

Iris Xx


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