Halloween 2016

JJ loves lions at the moment.  He is the biggest fan of Raa Raa The Noisy Lion, so it was easy to find out what he should dress up as. It was a little bit less easy to find the perfect lion costume. Not until a friend mentioned Time To Dress Up and I had a look on their page. There were so many great costumes, I kinda wished that he could go as a pirate/octopus/lion.


Is he not the cutest lion you have ever seen. He had such fun at the toddler halloween party. They had a little set up for photos and his favourite thing to play with that day was as you can see…the wooden spoon!



Having a rest from the play and well it looks like his lion tummy could be full from snack time.

The first time we all got dressed up together 😝 I take full responsibility for James’s costume, this was what amazon.co.uk could deliver with one days notice. If you ask me, I think that he looks amazing.

Actually made yummy pumpkin cookies with the big pumpkin at the back. This was the first time that I have made anything with pumpkin and they were really yummy. See the recipe here.

JJ made halloween art at the childminders. I have to admit that it makes me so happy when he brings something home that he has made. It also makes himself very happy, when he sees his art works on the fridge and other places around the house.

Iris Xx

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