Faroese winter visit part 1. 

When I came to Scotland in 2008 there was no direct route between the Faroe Islands and Scotland. Only the occasional Christmas flight home. In 2015 the faroese airline company Atlantic Airways decided to try out a new route and set up direct flights between the Faroe Islands and Edinburgh. It goes without saying that we were beyond happy! Since then we have been on this route so many times that I have lost count. Not only is it faster than having to travel via Copenhagen, it is also a lot more affordable.

We usually fly out of Edinburgh on the 10 am flight on a Friday morning to the Faroes. This means check in is at 8. We now live in Moray which means that it is a 4 hour drive (Including a breakfast stop stop) down to Edinburgh. We are lucky to have friends living less than 2 hours from Edinburgh, so that is where we stayed the night before.  James came down with us, which was just amazing seeing as I had two big suitcases and the pram with me.

JJ did not wake up when we left the house at 6 that morning (we even dressed him without him knowing) and he slept until we arrived at Edinburgh Airport. I knew that this would mean, that he would be full of beans the whole journey to the Faroes and not likely to sleep again until we were driving in the Faroes (I was right!). We said goodbye to James after check in at Edinburgh Airport. 24 days until we would see him again. Then had a lovely latte and breakfast in Costa. There are no Starbucks or Costa in the Faroes so I knew that this would be my last latte for a while.

There is a great soft play area at Edinbugh airport which we always hang out in for as long as possible. JJ is now so big, that I can just sit there and watch him play. He gets around without my help. There was a very cute moment at the softplay area, when he was playing with another little boy. They were clearly not from the same ethnic background, and then all of a sudden they just hugged and laughed. Kids, are they not just amazing! Honestly think that we could learn a thing or two from them sometimes 😉

The flight to the Faroes took just over an hour and JJ was awake the whole time. This is the first time he has not slept on the plane. But we had the iPad with us and watched The Stickman and The Gruffalo. As soon as we got out from bagage at Vágar airport my mum and dad were there to greet us. Both them and JJ were so excited. This is such an important moment of the whole travel home. We had been speaking about how he would react, would he recognise them from Skype and pictures, would he be happy or sad. Well, he was happy. He wanted my mum to carry him straight away. When she got tired of carrying him (he weighs just over 14 kg!) and gave him back to me he did not agree with it, and wanted her to keep carrying him. So she did.

Iris Xx





THIS is one of the reasons I love to go home. Seeing JJ connecting with my family is just priceless. Him and my dad are getting to be very close. JJ knows that abbi is always up for watching cartoons and giving him an occasional sweetie.





My sister has been a keen rower since her early teens. During our time together in Scotland she was part of Aberdeen University Boat Club and has also been representing Scotland in rowing competitions. I am hoping that some of her athletic enthusiasm will rub of onto JJ.


Spot the ORCA! This moment happened so quickly and I totally did not have the right lens at hand. There were around 5 orcas in the bay this day. We saw them from our garden and I just wish that I had a zoom lens on the camera, but no, I just had my 50 mm on. But not everything has to be captured on photo I guess 😉



This has to be the best place in the world to got for a pram walk.


Playing at the beach in Sandvík.  We have an amazing beach.  JJ has already been there a few times and I think that he likes it.











Anything can be kids play here and JJ just likes to join in on what others are doing. Here he is “helping” mamba (uncle) clean the car.

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