Omma blomma og abbi krabbi

First of all I have to explain the title. Literally translated it means Granny yolk and grandad crab. This is just a rhyme that we say here in the Faroes really 😄

There is something very special about seeing your parents in the role as grandparents. When I see JJ with my parents it makes me all warm inside, it is really one of my favorite things to see.  My parents adore JJ and they love nothing more than to make him laugh.  They will do just about anything to hear him giggle, be it chasing him around the kitchen table, let him watch youtube on the laptop, read him a book, take him for a walk or bribe him with sweeties.

Every morning when we wake up and go upstairs JJ is ready to go find my parents.  One morning he ever surprised me by saying “omma, omma”, which is faroese for granny. When mum is not at work they usually have a lie in until JJ wakes up, goes into their bedroom and watches cartoons with them in bed.  When mum is working dad most mornings comes into our room when he hears that JJ is awake, and takes him upstairs to all the toys. He now also shouts “abbi, abbi” which is faroese for grandad,  for some reason he likes shouting this when he does not want to go to sleep at night. I think that he does this in the hope that abbi will come and take him away to play with toys or read a book 😉

Living so far away from my family is hard. But I am very thankful for todays technology which allows us to skype with them daily.  I also know, that we plan on moving to the Faroes before JJ starts school and I think that every one is equally excited about that.

I am so grateful that I came from such loving parents, who have taught me to love and given me a desire to be a gentle and encouraging parent myself.

Iris Xx

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