Supporting A Dream

It is such an amazing thing, when a career and a passion come together.  As a family running a photography business we know all about this and we like to support other small businesses as much as we can.  When I find a small business that I like, it genuinely makes me so happy to buy from them,  as I know that I am supporting a dream.  Not only am I actually supporting a dream, I am contributing to someones wages which means that that person can provide for their family.

When it comes to buying clothes for JJ I like them to be of good quality and look nice without breaking the bank.  In this day and age a lot of the shopping is done online, the downside to that is, that you don’t always know what the quality is gonna be like. For JJ’s first birthday I wanted to get him a nice t-shirt for the occasion.  I looked so many places but no shops had anything that I loved.  I came across a few Etsy shops from America which had some cute tops, but well…I had left it quite late so I needed it to be from a UK shop.  This is when I found Cotton and Bloom.  We were going for a pirate/nautical theme for JJ’s first birthday and the top from Cotton and Bloom just looked perfect.  It arrived super quick and it was just as lovely as it looked on the webpage.  The material is thick and you could just feel that it would last him a long time. This is now six months ago and the t-shirt still looks amazing.  He has almost out grown it but then again he is now closer to being 2 than 1 so I guess that is only fair.  OMG did I just say that he is closer to being 2 than 1…how has that happened?!

We are now super lucky to be one of Cotton and Blooms brand reps.  This is the first time we are doing anything like this and I got to say that we love it.  Their designs are just so lovely and as I said previously the quality is great. Promoting someones small business and hopefully helping to grow their dream is such a lovely thing to be a part of.   If you love their tops as much as we do, here is a special discount from us which you can use on their page JJ15 will get you 15% off.  I promise you that you will love their clothes!



JJ rocking his 1st birthday t-shirt.  It is gonna be really easy to find him a t-shirt for his 2nd birthday.


Those of you who know us, know that we kinda love marine mammals of any sort.  When I saw this t-shirt I got so excited.  What could be better than a whale t-shirt…well a geometric whale t-shirt!  The geometric line will be launched in the new year and for those of you who love it, here is a special discount code, use code JJ15 for an amazing 15% discount 🙂


He just did this pose naturally.  Honestly, we did not tell him to pop a finger in his mouth and look all mysterious!





It goes without saying that I like this top, right ? It has been so well used this winter, I do like a nice long sleeve top when we constantly have freezing cold weather!



Iris Xx



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