Familyshoot in Trongisvági, Faroe Islands

Jóhanna, Bergur and Finnur brought their baby cousin Hilaria with them to their photoshoot.  It was a wet day and as I arrived on location I was not sure if the shoot would go ahead.  But this was the last day of Hilarias visit, so we decided to try.  I am very glad that we did.  The shoot took place in the little woods in Trongisvági, which is sheltered and the trees kept wind and rain away.

Since the shoot the family has ordered prints which arrived in the Faroes before Christmas.  It is a very special feeling.  Seeing the photographs on print and knowing that they are gonna be decorating someones living room makes me so happy.  I really don’t know how to put word on the feeling, but I guess that proud must be the closest thing to describing it.

Iris Xx








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