Thankful Thursday 

I have just been swimming with JJ and now he is napping in the buggy whilst I am enjoying a Starbucks coffee.  The sunshine is beaming through the window but it is quite cold outside.

You know that emotion when you all of a sudden get feel so thankful.  That is how I  am feeling right now and I thought that I would write a little blog post about it.  These are a few of the things I am thankful for today.

  • The helpful bus driver

I always dread taking the bus with the buggy.  But today the bus driver came out and helped me get the buggy into the luggage compartment without me having to ask for help.  It makes me want to take the bus more often.

  • James not breaking his ankle 

Some of you might know that James had an accident when out running on Tuesdays.  He dislocated his ankle and it popped back back into place when he put his foot down.  This lead to it being sprained badly and he is now on crutches for a couple of weeks.  But at least it is not broken.

  • Great friends 

We had friends visiting us yesterday and it was just so lovely.  The kind of lovely that makes you stay happy for a few days.   We love a bit away from many friends and family and really appreciate it when anyone makes the effort to visit.

  • Shopping small 

I have just purchased a hanger from a small shop I found on Instagram.  It might seem funny that this is on my thankful list, but it is.  I messaged the shop owner to tell them how much I liked their products and told them of my purchases also mentioned something that I think would be a great idea to make.  I got the most lovely reply back.  This is why I love to shop small, you know who you are buying from and you can actually talk to the person making the stuff you are buying.

  • This moment 

I am so thankful for this moment.  JJ has just woken up and had a breastfeed.  We are still in Starbucks and he is now having his packed lunch whilst doing some people watching.  Ed Sheerans lovely music is filling the room and I am just enjoying being in this moment.

There are a million other things I am thankful for but those are the ones I wanted to write about for now.  Below are some cute picture of James rocking his Cotton and Bloom top.  You should visit her shop and use code JJ15 for a lovely discount.

Iris Xx

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