Step out of your comfort zone with me!

As some of you know by reading my previous post about Our Stories of Motherhood, I am starting a new and exciting photography project.  When I wrote my previous post about the project it was very early days, it was literally on the day when the idea came to me.  But I just had to commit to it straight away, hence the blog post.  I have since thought about it a bit more, it has taken shape and I have actually taken the first portraits too.

A bit about me

I became a mother 2 years ago and saying that it was a life altering event just does not cut it.  On my journey of motherhood so far, I have meet some extraordinary women.  Women who give their all and a bit more.  All for their children and family.  Becoming a mother shows you a whole new definition and capability of love.  It can truly change you as a person.  

The idea

I am one of those people who gets lots of good ideas, but don’t act on enough of them.  I will chew on them for a while, but then I come up with some reason why they are not for me.  I know, that I have let some amazing opportunities go, some which I could have done but of course also some which were not for me. 

The idea for this project came to me, as I was editing some family photoshoots which I had taken.  At all of the shoots the parents had been present, but they all said that it was not important for themselves to be in the pictures.  We hear this at almost all our family photoshoots.  But then there was one shoot which stood out.  It was a shoot with a mother and a son.  Just them two.  The mother was in the pictures with the son and I also got to take pictures of her by herself.  It was lovely to see, that a mother prioritised getting pictures of herself with her child and also pictures of herself alone.

Mothers are important

When mothers say that it is not important for them to be in the pictures with their children, I could not agree any less with them.  It is SO important that they are in the pictures, they are the reason that the children are there and one day, the children will be there and the mothers might not be.  That is when the children are gonna wish they had more pictures of them and them with mummy.  This is what Our Stories of Motherhood is going to be about. 

How it will work

I will be taking simple photographs of mothers with and without their children and I will listen to their stories. It will be a simple and short portrait session.  I will come to your house or your favourite place to be with you children. I will take a couple of portraits and hear your stories of motherhood. I want to share a story that is unique to you, this can be anything you have experienced on your journey of motherhood. One thing to bear in mind is that your portrait will be associated with your story.  You will receive 2 prints from your session, one of you and one of your with your children. 

I am now at the stage, where I am looking for mothers who want to take part in the project.  It does not really matter where you are, send me a message anyway and our paths might cross over this coming year.  You are welcome to message me on my facebook page  or to send me an email on iristhomsen @

Anyone can take part

I am interested in anyone. You can be an expecting mother, mother of one child or many, you can be a mother of a child in heaven too. I am looking for mothers in all shapes and forms, and from all walks of life.  I want to give mothers a place where they can relate to each others through stories and photographs.  I imagine that the project will run over 1 year and the photographs will be exhibited online in a collection with the stories matching the pictures.  My hope is that mothers will be able to relate to each other through this project.

Out of my comfort zone

Now, I will let you in on a little secret.  I am stepping a bit out of my comfort zone by doing this project.  I have lots of reasons for why I should not do it.  But I want to do it.  This idea has come to me, it has chosen me as the person who can make it come to life and I have a feeling that by doing this, I will do some good.  I will make someone happy.  I will give someone priceless memories.  I  will let someone tell their amazing story.  I will let someone tell their ordinary story, which someone else will relate to and feel so relieved, that they are not the only one who feels that way.  I will have the privilege to get to know some lovely people and I will build up my own confidence too.  So, if getting your picture taken is not your favourite thing in the world, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone with me and tell Our Stories of Motherhood Together!

Below are two photographs which James has taken of me and JJ.  The portraits in this project will all be different, because all mothers are different.

Iris Xx

3 thoughts on “Step out of your comfort zone with me!

  1. What a fantastic blog post. And an even better idea!
    I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed and proud I am that you are doing this amazing project.
    Please please count me in for being part of this amazing project! 💗


  2. What a great Idea! Well done for taking a leap outside your comfort zone. Motherhood is the greatest gift in life.
    I have 4 (all grown up) children and 4 grandchildren. Being their mum makes me proud every single day, although I dont think there is one single photo of all my children with me in it. I am not a fan of the camera and prefer to be behind it but as I grow older begin to regret not having a picture with my babies.
    Well done again on a brilliant idea 😁


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