Mammas Day Off

Guess what, I have had a day off!  A whole 9 hours just to myself.  This has not happened since before JJ was born.  James has taken JJ to granny whilst he has a meeting for a couple of hours and then he is going on an adventure with daddy to get presents for me (Mother’s Day tomorrow and my birthday the day after).

It has been a lovely and strange 9 hours.  At first I was really productive, I tidied, hoovered, dusted, washed floors and did laundry.  Then I sat on the sofa with my late lunch, the laptop and Gilmore Girls on TV and I pretty much have not moved since.  The weather is gorgeous outside, the laundry is almost dry by hanging outside and I feel a bit bad that I am not out there enjoying it.  But then again, I can’t remember when I just sat on the sofa watching hours and hours of TV last.  I will be able to enjoy lots of lovely weather with JJ this spring and summer.

I have a confession to make.  I almost cancelled my day off.  Last night I started feeling quite guilty about JJ going away from me for so long.  All sort of reasons came to me, as to why he should just stay here with me.  At the same time I desperately wanted to have a quiet day to myself.  Mummy guilt, it is not fun!  I had to tell James to look really well after him, drive carefully and all the sort of careful that I already know he is.  When they took off I went back to bed, for about 10 minutes and then got on with housework.  Please don’t think that I am silly for doing house work on my day off, it makes me happy to see the house looking nice.

My head is now starting to feel a bit fuzzy with all this television.  I think that I will pull myself off the sofa and either bake or take a shower!  The men are on their way home and I am gonna make the most of my last hour alone.  Quite looking forward to JJ cuddles and James making dinner!

The pictures below are from the other day when JJ was playing with chalk and dinosaurs outside.  Oh and he was dressed up as Batman, because, well why not 😉

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