Spring has arrived at Gordon Castle Walled Garden

We went to the lovely Gordon Castle Walled Garden last week, and I thought that it was only fitting, that I post a blog with some of the pictures we took.  We have not been there since late January, which is way too long ago.  To see a blog post from our last visit click here, to see what it is like at the end of winter.  This place is seriously stunning during any season!

The weather was beautiful last week.  It was actually my birthday (blog being published about that soon) on Monday, which means that I got to choose what to do.  So I chose this place, it was a very easy choice and a very good one too.  It was so sunny that I never got to put on the tights that I had actually got with me in the changing bag, that must mean that spring has arrived for sure!

We had lunch in the cafe first and I can not recommend it enough.  I have had their cullin skink soup so many times now and every time I wish that I could make it as good as that!  JJ is a bit tricky with food these days, so we never know how big a success it is going to be to take him out for lunch.  But at Gordon Castle we were happily surprised.  He had a picky board with cucumber, carrot, raisins, fruit, bread, cherry tomato, cheesy dip and sausage.  There was much more than he could eat, but he then got it in a takeaway box which he enjoyed munching from during his playtime in the natural playground.

I am already looking forward to our next visit!

Iris Xx

JJ loved exploring in the greenhouse and looking at all the greens growing in there.  Next time we visit there will be even more to look at.

I can not get over how cute he looks in his Featherstone and Bloom tshirt.  When people realise what is says they always have a giggle.

The herb beds.  Visiting this place makes me wish that I had green fingers, but at least James has so I can enjoy watching him pottering around in our garden.

The big greenhouse is just so beautiful.

His hand fits into mine so perfectly.

He is getting much to heavy for this!

Not a bad way to spend my 31st birthday.  Wearing my birthday present from James bought from the talented Cotton and Bloom.

The natural playground at Gordon Castle Walled Garden holds hours and hours of fun.  It is so exciting to see JJ explore all it has to offer.


He would play with sand all day every day if he could!

Daddy helping with building sandcastles.

JJ all time favourite part of the natural playground.  The outdoors kitchen has actually inspired us to build one for our own garden.  James did most of the building, but I take credit for the idea and some help.

Making coffee for me 😉

Just look at that big grin!

Iris Xx


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