Spring in the Faroe Islands

It has been a week and a bit since we arrived in the Faroe Islands.  As usual we flew direct from Edinburgh to the Faroes with Atlantic Airways.  What made this trip different was that we were travelling with my parents.  I have not been on a plane with my parents since 1993, so this was quite exciting.  JJ is always very easy to travel with.  He gets to carry his own Gruffalo rucksack where I put snacks, a small tea set, book and more snacks in.  I usually go to a pound shop before travelling and buy cheap toys for the journey.  If they get left behind somewhere it is no big loss.

Below are a few phone images from our journey up to the Faroes.  The camera was in my back pack, and I feel so guilty for not taking it out.  But it has been out every day since! JJs lovely Let’s Go On An Adventure top is from Blueberry Boo Kids and the Gruffalo rucksack is from Little Life.

Capturing memories for others too

The first week here has gone by so quickly.  When I am here, I am lucky to get booked to do family photoshoots whilst my family can look after JJ.  It is such an honour to get to capture memories for families.  These will be memories which they will treasure forever. Some of the images will find their way into frames and hug on the walls, they will look at them and talk about the moment when they were captured.  Some of them will be passed down through generations and might turn out to be invaluable treasures for family members.

Most of the photoshoot are outdoors.  The landscape here is stunning and always makes for very unique backdrops.  I much prefer it to being inside; that being said, sometimes I do one or two lifestyle shoots, which I also very much enjoy.  These are mainly with very little kids and then we tend to end the shoot outside.

JJ and the sheep

Isn’t it funny, how kids at first are not afraid of anything, then they slowly get more and more cautious! Last summer JJ was not afraid of any of the animals in the town, such as sheep, horses and dogs.  This spring he is.  He loves animals in books, films and songs.  But seeing the sheep in real life has been quite eventful for him.  He much prefers it if we hold him when around the sheep.


The sheep walk around the town freely and they are quite friendly as well.  JJ is slowly getting more comfortable around them and now waves at them and says hello and bye bye.


Who knows, maybe I will get a picture of him alone with the sheep before we leave.  It is important to both me and James that JJ will be comfortable around the animals and at the same time we don’t want to force them on him.  It will come slowly.


Iris Xx



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