Faroese Easter Holiday

These 3 weeks in the Faroes Islands have gone by so fast.  Tonight I have packed my bags again, JJ did ofcourse decide that he did not want to sleep until 23:00, which meant that packing was a little bit hectic.  Now I am sitting here in my mum and dads kitchen.  The house is completely quiet, all I can hear is the wind outside and a subtle buzzing from the baby monitor.  I should really be in bed, considering that I have to get up again in around 6 hours and then have around 18 hours of travelling ahead of me.  But I just want to sit here for a bit, enjoy the quiet and think about the time we have had up here.

Birthday cakes

We were lucky to celebrate my dad’s birthday at the beginning of our holiday.  It was the 2nd year in a row that we were here for his birthday.  We were all here for it, me, JJ, my mum, dad, my sister Ingibjørg, brother Herálvur and his girlfriend Eydna.

My mum makes the best birthday cakes!  We talked about how many birthday cakes she had made through the years, but it was impossible to figure it out.  Many! I am gonna guess a good few more than 100! We decided not to try to figure out how many cakes we might have eaten each 😛

JJ likes cake!  Now there is a surprise, not really!  He also knows that when omma or abbi offer him something, the likelyhood of it being sweet is very high and he usually jumps at the chance.  Unless when omma offers him meat.  He is not a big meat fan, much to her disappointment.  Just give it time I say, I am sure that he will eat plenty of it soon.

The worlds most awesome sandpit

If you have followed my blog for a while, then you will know, that my sister is quite crafty!  When JJ was born she made him a rocking crib, which I am already excited about using again, not that there is a bun in the oven or anything!! which was so beautiful.  When I do get to use it again I will make a blog post about it.  We got it before the blogging days had really taken off!

For JJ’s 1st birthday she made a treasure chest filled with wooden blocks and animals, see it here.  Now that his 2nd birthday only 1 month away she had once again been a busy bee.  She knows how much JJ loves playing with sand and also that we are big fans of anything to do with boats, pirates and the sea.  So she simply made him a sandbox.  No, not just any sandpit.  I mean, look at this!

Sherloch is also liking the sandpit.  To be honest we bribed him with treats and balls to get in it.

He is a very lucky boy, very lucky!

All the chocolate

I did not have to buy JJ an Easter egg, it had already been taken care off.  He actually had two, one from omma and abbin and one from mamba (my brother) and Eydna.  He was very excited about eating them, when he had figured out what they were!

He did not eat the whole thing!  He had help from everyone, but mostly from me!  I am generally quite strict about giving him too much sugar, and we have a lot of healthy snacks and treats.  But I also believe that he should know what sugar is and have a healthy relationship to it.  I know that when he visitis grandparents (on both sides) he gets some, and I am generally okay with that, as long as it is not at a silly time of the day.

I took these pictures of mum and dad on Easter Sunday.  That is now two weeks ago and today JJ came up with a funny game.  He positioned mum and dad just where they are in these pictures, they had to face him and then I had to take a picture of them on my phone (though these are camera pictures).  He also wanted to be in some of the pictures with them today.  How funny is that!  Kids have an amazing memory!

These two ❤️

The second Easter egg

JJ has become a big fan of Paw Patrol!  It is so funny how excited he gets by that show.  So when my brother and Eydna brought him a Paw Patrol Easter egg, you can just imagine his excitement!  He did not realise at first, that there was chocolate inside.

Look at the concentration on that face.  He is trying to get the wrapper of the chocolate through the box.  He succeeded, eventually.

My brother was just as excited as JJ at the prospect of chocolate! 😀

A bit of tradition

When we were kids we always used to roll hard boiled eggs down a field on Easter Monday.  There are many different ways to boil the eggs, mum usually boiled ours in a bit of coffee, this would make the shell harder so that it would hopefully not break on the first trip down the hill.

Mum decorated JJs eggs.  She has always been very crafty, even if she will probably say that these eggs are not her best work.  See picture above – The one that looks like a face is suppose to be Bubu the clown (Faroese, JJ loves him!), the one with two people on it is JJ and abbi. See picture below – one egg is decorated with abbis truck and one with snow, because yes, we had snow just recently!

This was the first time is many years that I was on Bóndamørkin (the name of the field where we rolled the eggs), rough guess, the last time I rolled eggs there might have been 15 years ago!  Going there with mum and dad to roll eggs with JJ was lovely.

JJ could not quiet understand that the eggs had to be rolled down the field until they broke.  He spent a lot of time yelling no, no, no and also laughing at my mum for trying so hard to get the eggs to break.

After rolling the eggs JJ wanted to say hello to the sheep in a nearby field.  He walked to them himself, spoke to them himself and did not want to leave when I wanted to.  So we stayed a bit longer.  I am so proud of how confident he has gotten around the sheep during out weeks here.

That is all from us for now.  We have a long day if travelling ahead of us and any sleep is much appreciated.  I am looking forward to being reunited with James and Suzie, being back in our house and possibly a bit better weather in Scotland too.  We are back in the Faroes in two months time and already looking forward to it!  There will soon be a few more blogs with more pictures from our stay here and some with pictures from the photoshoots I have done.

Iris Xx


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