JJs 2nd Birthday

When it was time for us to start thinking about planning JJ 2nd birthday we decided that we wanted it to be all about the things that he loves. He loves the beach, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and cake. So that is what we did. We are lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful beaches here in Morayshire, Scotland. One of our favourites is Sandend Beach, so we decided to throw a beach party for JJ and his little friends there.

We also had a second party the next day at home for family.  It might sound a lot to have two parties, but this way we got to have time to really be with the guests.  His birthday party last year was also over two days and everyone seemed to like it.  JJ loved having so many people around for two days and getting to eat cake and blow his candle many times.

There was something easy about not having the party at our house, even if we prepared the food at home. I had done all the baking far in advance and frozen lots, this is just the easiest way and I knew that by doing this I would be making the night before the birthday a bit less stressful.

We knew that there was a risk in having a beach party and that was that we could not know how the weather would be.  We have had some amazing weather in Scotland recently.  If you ask me, then May is often an absolutely amazing month.  JJs birthday weekend was no different, the day we had the beach party our car read 32 degrees celcius and it was almost uncomfortably warm. Having the party at the beach was a great decision as it was a bit cooler there and the kids had great fun playing in the water.

I had made lemon and puppy seed muffins with creme cheese icing.  Yes I know, not the best icing for such high temperatures, but I did not expect it to be that warm.  In order to make the muffins a bit more exciting for JJ I had got edible Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol cake toppers.  Getting to eat Peppa Pig was so exciting for him!  We still have some toppers left which we will be using for our baking sessions at home 🙂

Bringing helium balloons to a warm beach is not something I would recommend.  Our was bought that very morning and by the time we got home again it was not doing so well.

We got JJs birthday top from Cotton and Bloom.  We also got his 1st birthday top there and loved it so much that we straight away knew that this would be a regular for birthday tops (and many many other tops).  If your little one had a birthday coming up or you just fancy some of the lovely tops from Cotton and Bloom, there are also mummy tops, then code JJ15 will give you a discount.

I have been JJs mamma for two years now, along side this wonderful man!  I am lucky that he is up for crazy ideas such as beach parties in Scotland!

I really like this picture because I can hardly manage to lift JJ of the water whereas little Ava is almost flying 🙂

He was vary of the water at first.  But when he saw me wading into it and singing “…the people on the bus go up and down…” whilst jumping in the water, he quickly wanted to join in.

JJ now loves his straw hat so much, that he insists on wearing it most days when leaving the house.

Watching the surfers out in the waves.

Another shop shout out.  JJs super cute shorts are from Little Stitches Online.  You can get her to make just about anything. We have leggings and shorts, hats and snoods.

Eating watermelon.  It is his favourite fruit of all times and also so good when trying to get the kids to stay hydrated.

The kids all got buckets and spades as their party favours which was a great idea, they played with them the whole time. The party was a big hit.  Everyone left with a full tummy, happy memories and a full quota of vitamin Sea!

3 thoughts on “JJs 2nd Birthday

  1. It was such a pleasure to share in JJs birthday celebrations! We loved the beach party! It was a lovely, relaxed afternoon! Thanks xx


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