Birthday fun and wildlife park

We have so many lovely people in our lives and seeing so many of them gather with us to celebrate JJ turning two was amazing.  Having the party over two days was great as it gave us much more time with the guests, a good excuse to eat a bit more cake and most importantly, JJ enjoyed it!


I made JJ a Victoria Sponge cake with blue cream and drizzled blue icing over it.  I have to say it was yummy!  At the end of the day only one piece was left, I guess no one dared to take the last piece.  Don’t worry, me and James had it!  I will make a post with the recipe for my victoria sponge cake soon.


The above is one of my favourite cakes of all times.  It is a brownie with coconut topping.  I believe the word used to describe it was moreish!  The recipe is not mine, sadly, but I was told many times at the party that I have to share it.  So I guess that I will have to do that.


You can’t go wrong with fruit at any party!  Oh and the Paw Patrol table clot is still on our dining table 😉


The dinosaur jellies were a big hit amongst the kids.  It is super easy to make, start by putting the dinosaur in tha glass and then pour the jelly over it. I got the dinosaurs from poundland (if I remember right) and made sure that they were sterilised before putting them in the jelly.


Blowing out candles is now his favourite thing to do.  Since his birthday we have had to light the birthday candle several times, he then sings Happy Birthday to me and blows it out!


I can hardly handle his cuteness.


These two pictures are one year apart.  One year ago I did not think that he could possibly get any cuter, but he did! The lovely tops are both from Cotton and Bloom.


Again, these pictures are one year apart.  So blessed to be the parents to this gentle and lovely little boy.  On the second picture there is actually a little bean growing in my tummy, which not even we knew at the time 😉


JJ got totally spoilt with so many lovely presents.  He is not so fussed when it comes to opening presents. Don’t get me wrong, he likes them, but he seems to be thinking that something is wrong when the paper gets torn of them.  Then when a present is open it has to be played with, for hours!  This meant that we were opening presents for days.  Here him and daddy are playing with one of his favourite presents, the lego set with a whale.  He actually fell asleep that night holding the whale!



Highland Wildlife Park

JJs actual birthday was on a Monday and we started the day by going to our local toddler group.  Then we went on a day adventure to the Highland Wildlife Park.  We have been meaning to go there for ages, but I am kinda glad that we had not done it yet, as it proved to be a perfect birthday treat for JJ.


Yes, that hat is pretty much glued on his head these days.  Toddlers are funny like that!


Here he is admiring the horses playing in the field.


Look mamma, big big cat!


He was very excited about seeing the polar bear.


We have now been breastfeeding for two years!!


So patiently waiting for daddy to bring his wallet so that JJ could buy an ice cream.  He might have had at least 2 ice creams that day, but it was his birthday after all 😉


We would highly recommend the Highland Wildlife Park for a day out.  Next time we go we are going to make sure that we arrive earlier so that we can have lunch there and spend the whole day there.  This time we were there for around 3 hours and could easily have spent much longer.

Iris Xx


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