Gonna be a family of four

Already before JJ was born we knew, that we wished to have two children close in age.  I grew up with my little sister who was only 18 months younger than me and just like all siblings we have had ups and downs, but the ups have without a doubt made a bigger impact on me.  Having siblings is the best gift you can give your children.

JJ has been one of these children, who make you want to have children.  I know that I am biased as I am his mum, but me and James were talking about this just recently, that we don’t think that a day passes, when we don’t talk about how amazing he is.  He makes everything more fun, yes possibly also more stressful at times, but honestly, life without him would be boring.

Waiting on mother nature

Around JJ’s 1st birthday in May 2016 we started talking about when we would have our second child, knowing that it was not entirely up to us as my period had still not returned.  As time  went on I got a bit  impatient for my period to return, who would ever have thought that anyone would wish for their period to return.  Most breastfeeding mothers experience having little or no periods, but as the year went along I had moments when I started doubting if it would ever come back.

Late December 2016 JJ had a very bad cold which included a very stuffed nose, this meant that we could not breastfeed as much as he had been doing.  I always feed him to sleep at night, but whilst he had the cold the only way we could get him to sleep was by taking him for a drive in the car.  This meant no feeding to sleep, and he slept quite well during the night, likely because he was tired from days and days of having a bad cold.  Someone else who got more sleep than normal was me, and towards the end of his cold I got my period back.  It was like getting an early Christmas present, now things were getting real 😉

Let the fun begin

Our approach to having anther baby was quite relaxed.  I was lucky that my period became regular straight away.  After a couple of months I downloaded a lovely app called Ovia Fertility, which could help us track ovulation.  We were excited about what might happen, and possibly a bit naive too, thinking that it would happen on the first go.  But just like we had to wait for my period to come back, we had to wait another 6 months until we fell pregnant.  I would lie if I said that I did not get more impatient for each month passing.  But having the Ovia app helped me not to get too excited, an likewise not too disappointed.

It is happening

Screenprint from the Ovia Fertility App. 

I am a typical mum, who really has little to no time to myself.  So when the day finally came, that I was due my period and it did not arrive on the clock, as it had been doing for the last six months , I had my pregnancy test ready.  Now, all I needed was the house to myself.  So when James said that he would take JJ and Suzie for a walk in the wood, that was just perfect.  As soon as they left the house I ran upstairs, looked out the pregnancy test at the far back of the closet ( I did not want James to know that I had them in the house).

I had imagined that if the test was positive, then I would keep the result to myself for at least a few hours, just because.  Or at least sit down and enjoy the result with a cup of coffee, waiting for the guys to come back from their walk.  But I am a mum, I don’t get alone time!

As soon as I had taken the test and put it on the floor to wait for the result to appear, the doorbell rang and I could hear giggles.  I looked down on the test, it was positive!  I showed it in my makeup bag and had to go and answer the door.  There was James, JJ and Suzie.  JJ had decided that he did not want to go for a walk anyway, he wanted to be with mummy.

Gonna to be a family of four

It is no secret that I was excited about being pregnant again. I had been excited about it long before it happened. In February I had spoken to Jillian at Jilly Bean Cards about making a special card, which I would use to tell James the great news, when it eventually happened.  Now, if you like cards and especially personalised cards, I strongly encourage you to have a look at Jillian’s page.  James was their wedding photographer and ever since she has been our go to person for personalised cards, they have all been beyond expectations and this one was just the best one!


I got James to sit in the sofa and told him, that I had a little present for him.  I told him that it was kind of a voucher for an adventure he was going on.  It is possible that he had an inkling of what was going on, but I like to think that he didn’t.  JJ gave him the card and I got it all recorded on the GoPro (if ever I have time to look at or even edit the video, I might show it somewhere).

It goes without saying that he was very happy about the news.  We hugged a lot and let the news sink in for both of us.  It was happening, we were gonna be a family of four in February 2018!  We could not say too much to little JJ as he was getting very good at repeating everything that was said to him, and we could not risk him telling this news just yet.

Iris Xx



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