The Day We First Saw You

Telling friends and family that there is a new baby on the way is so exciting.  But how should it be done?! There are so many ways to do it, and like many others I might have looked on Pinterest for inspiration.  I was not very successful in my search for the perfect way to announce our exciting news.  However, the perfect way found me by itself.

Katerine from Cotton and Bloom sent me and JJ our Brand Rep parcel and in there she had included a little baby west!  She is not psychic though, since I was one of her brand reps, I had told her that I was in the very early stages of pregnancy, as I might soon be starting to show and eventually grow out of my current size.

This was it, simply perfect.  We put the little baby west in a box and added a pair of little shoes.

We told my parents and siblings when we were only 7 weeks pregnant.  We had come up to the Faroe Islands to stay with them for 5 weeks during the summer and just found it easier telling them.  If we had waited to tell them until we reached the 12 week milestone and had left the Faros I think that they would have been quite disappointed.

Getting to share the early stages of pregnancy with my parents was quite special.  Since James was away in Scotland quite a lot during our time in the Faros having my parents in on the secret meant that they took extra good care of me.  Don’t get me wrong, they always take good care of me and us all, but them knowing meant that I could take naps with out feeling bad about it and when I (for a short while) went of sweet stuff, I did not have to force myself to eat it.

When we were 11 weeks along we went for a private scan in the Faroes.  I was getting quite conscious about my growing belly and also quite excited about not keeping it a secret anymore.

It was a truely special experience to have a scan done in the Faros.  The lady who performed the scan had so much time for us, she was so lovely and pointed out things on the baby for us.  It did not bother her that JJ was with us or that he was being very grumpy for most of it. We got to hear the heartbeath which was such a lovely and unexpected surprise and got lots of pictures away with us and also got them all sent to us in an email later that day.

When we two weeks later had our dating scan in Scotland it was very quick.  It was pretty much in and out in a few minutes and the person performing the scan just did not make a good impression on us.  This made me appreciate our faroese scan even more!

After having had our scan done in the Faros at 11 weeks we also knew, this meant that we would be telling the Scottish side of the family the news over Skype.  We tried to make this as special as possible.  James parents were actually visiting his sister in Malaysia at the time and getting to tell them all together over Skype was actually quite special.  JJ was wearing his new Big Brother top and we made sure that everyone had their eyes on him when we asked what they thought about his new top!  Their reaction was of course one of great joy.  James sister had known since the day we found out ourselves, but it was special to us that she got to be with James parents as they were told the news 🙂

Have you ever seen a cuter big brother?! His lovely top is from Cotton and Bloom.  The sweetie in his hand and mouth are harbio, haha!  He was not cooperating when we wanted to take the pictures, so we had to bribe!

We sent a nice message, including the picture above of JJ, to close friends and family to tell them the news before posting it on social media.  It was a lovely and strange feeling when people had been told, and I did not have to suck my tummy in anymore.  Looking back, I know that I did not look that convincingly pregnant, but I just did not like the thought of people guessing if I was or wasn’t.

The first bump pictures were only taken on the phone, so these will have to do to show what our 11 week bump looked like.  I look forward to including more bump pictures into future blogs and also to show you all the gradual growth of the bump which we have been documenting randomly since week 7.


Iris Xx



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