A Time To Remember

I recommend everyone to have a maternity photoshoot done and generally to take many pictures during your pregnancy.  Your children will love to see how your body grew them on the inside! These 9 months will change your life for ever.  They might both feel like they are going by very fast and very slow.  You might feel like the most beautiful and radiant woman on Earth. You might also feel big and have side effects which make your life complicated and make you not feel great!  This is all completely normal.  Try to focus on what is happening inside you and on a positive outcome – this is truly a time to remember.

At the beginning of December we had a maternity/family shoot done with the lovely Casey of Apricot Tree Photography. Every year since JJ was born we have got a family picture of us all around Christmas time, this is not something that is always easy to do yourself, so getting Casey to do it for us was lovely.

JJ was a typical toddler during the shoot, basically he was not having it at all! There are still many pictures of us all together.  James and I have not had pictures done of just us two since our maternity shoot when JJ was in my tummy.  That shoot was done during spring and I am so happy that we now have tried to get winter pictures as well, and how lucky were we, that it started snowing during the shoot!

I remember when we were pregnant last time, that I was very keen to get pictures taken once a week, but quickly realised that it was a bit too ambitious.  I don’t even think that we have that many pictures before 20 weeks from last time.  This time we have been a lot better and I actually have a nice series showing how my body has changed.  None of these have been posted yet, but they might be at some point.

This will be my first blog post in 2018 and baby’s due date is now just over 5 weeks away!  Time is going by so fast, I hope to be able to post a few times before our life changes again to less sleep and new great loves!

Iris Xx

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