Mid week adventure at Gordon Castle Walled Garden

I like having a routine  and to do set things on set days.  We have days when we go to toddler groups, swim lessons and 8 hours each week JJ is with his childminder (this is when I clean the house, do laundry, cook and blog) .  Wednesday is our midweek adventure day.  I love having a day when we can just be creative and do anything.  We can do anything on any day with me being a stay at home mum,  but Wednesday is the only day where the whole day is free (apart from the weekend).

This week our mid week adventure was to the lovely Gordon Castle Walled Garden.  We met up with a few mums from our toddler group and the kids had a lovely time in the natural playground.  I have not been there since late last summer which is actually really bad of me as we only live 15 minutes away.  Oh no I need to correct myself, I was actually there in December for a lunch date with James, but we did not visit the playground 😉

After the kids play me and JJ walked around to the duckpond, which I actually did not know about until that day.  It was like finding a hidden gem.  The ducks came so close to us and JJ got so excited. We also saw a red squirrel running between the trees.  I got some nice pictures of JJ playing with his dinosaur and wearing his new dinosaur top from Cotton and Bloom.  The morning light was just lovely and warm, made me so excited for springtime.

Iris Xx

















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