Fire engines and christmas lights

The night before we left the Faroes the Christmas lights in my hometown were turned on. It was lovely to be there for the occasion and it also meant a lot to my parents to have me and JJ there.

Since me and James met we have celebrated every other Christmas in the Faroes and Scotland.  Our first Christmas together was in the Faroes and we had only been together for 7 months.  The tickets were actually bought after only 3 months together.  Call us crazy, but I think that we just knew that this was it 😉  This will be the second Christmas in a row we are celebrating in Scotland.  James sister lives in Malaysia and she is in Scotland this Christmas, it will be the first time in 6 years that they get to celebrate Christmas as a family.  Both me and my family in the Faroes understand how important this is and after all,  Christmas is where your family is, and his family is also mine.

The Christmas tree is located in the centre of the small town.


Santa arrived in a fire engine and this could not be any more perfect for JJ.  He is crazy about fire engines these days.  In the Faroe Islands we say that the fire engine sound is “babu babu”.  I recorded a little video on my phone of the fire engine arriving with santa and every time I turn it on JJ gets so exciting and says “babu babu”.




Mum, JJ, dad and JJ’s great great uncle Verning.



Admiring the fire engine.  To JJ’s great joy the lights kept flashing, to our great joy the sounds were turned off 😉



I have to admit that I am already looking forward to next Christmas and getting to take my little family to the Faroes to spend Christmas with my parents and siblings.  Even James is looking forward to it.  It means so much to me how he is in love with the Faroes and my family.




How cute is that face.  Honestly, I still get this warm feeling inside of thankfulness that I get to be his mamma.

Iris Xx

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