Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I truly hope that everyone has a lovely time with the ones they love.  Our Christmas is being spent in Scotland with James’s family.  I am lucky to have such nice in-laws that I see them as my own family.  There might be a blog later about our Christmas, or I might be too busy eating left over cookies and chocolates and there might be no blogs until all the food has gone 😉


This is the cover on our Christmas card this years.  I wanted a card with a faroese feel to is, especially because we are not home for Christmas.  The picture is taken right out side our house at home in Sandvík, Faroe Islands. In the background you can see the mountains and the island Lítli Dímun.


My little family.  Making our own Christmas traditions and incorporating our favourites from our own families and childhoods is such fun.  It is like trying to create the perfect Christmas,  even if there is always something that might not go entirely to plan.  This year we have had a bad cold affecting us close to Christmas which means that we have not been able to do as much as we would have liked, but we have been able to have a lot of cosy family time at home.

oct_6093There is a lovely story behind the knitted vest that JJ is wearing in this picture.  We did a photoshoot with a sweet family in the Faroes this summer.  The son of the family wore one of these knitted vests and I asked the mother if she knew where I could get the pattern to knit one for JJ myself.  She said that she could easily make one for me.  I have to admit that I did not believe that she would.  2 days later she sent me a picture of the vest, it was almost finished.  This story is just one of many examples of how friendly and generous the faroese people are.

He is learning the have fun with the camera.  This is one of my old cameras and he already knows,  that he is suppose to put it up to his eyes and which button to press to take a picture.  Of course he loves looking at the pictures he takes as well 🙂


Suzie girl.  Her and JJ are slowly growing closer.  To be honest, she is not crazy about sharing our attention with JJ.  After all she was an only child for 4 years before JJ came along.  JJ is learning to give her more and more affection and a bit of bribe takes place from time to time.  Every day JJ will find Suzies lead and bring it to me, this means that he wants for us 3 to go for a walk.

Lots of festive season greetings to you all.

Iris Xx

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