The Big Three Oh!

Do you remember when  you thought that a thirty something person was OLD! I do.

My 30th was on the 27th of March which was also Easter Sunday. James had asked me a few times what I wanted to do for my birthday and all I really wanted to do was to have a lovely day with him and JJ. Two years ago I arranged a surprise birthday party for James’ 30 birthday in the Faroes, so I knew that he would make sure that I had a lovely day for mine 😉 Talking about alterior motives!

On the 25th James told me that the following morning I had to be ready to leave the house by 9:00 am. What was he up to?! For once we managed to leave the house on time and as we arrived outside Bliss Beauty Salon in Elgin James told me that I was booked in for a full body hot stones massage and then an hour later for a manicure. This was my first time to get a hot stone massage and it was absolutely fantastic, I felt like a new person after it. I think that this should be a reoccurring birthday ritual 😉

After the massage there was time to kill in Starbucks until my manicure. Strangely our Aberdeen friends Kayleigh and Andrew were in Elgin that day and came to meet me, James and JJ in Starbucks. I have to admit that I was a bit suspicious when I first saw Kayleigh, but their story sounded believable so I did not question it.

When my nails were all super pretty James and JJ picked me up and we were going home to have lunch. When we drove up to the house I noticed that the blinds in the livingroom were down…I did not remember pulling them down before leaving the house. It smelled lovely of food from the house, something was going on. When we got in and opened the door to the livingroom lots of friends and family jumped out. This was the first time anyone has thrown me a surprise party and it was a success, I was surprised! But the surprise did not end there, I was then taken to the kitchen but told to keep my eyes shut. When I opened them I saw my brother and his girlfriend, this was the biggest surprise! If it had not been for the snap chat image that my brother accidentally sent me from Edinburgh a few days before I would not have known that they were gonna be there 😉 I did not have the heart to tell anyone that I got a snap from my brother saying that the first day in Edinburgh was great. I still did not know when they were gonna show up, so every day after the snap I did my best at keeping the house tidy and ready and every time James came home from work I expected them to be with him. So in a way it made it even more exciting! 😉

The 27th, which was actually my birthday, was just like I had hoped. JJ slept until 9 and we had a lovely breakfast. My brother and Eydna were still staying with us and they got to see JJ have his first chocolate, it was Easter Sunday after all 😉 I got spoilt with so many beautiful presents and cards, one being my new Mac Book Pro which is making this blog a reality! I find that as I get older family means more and more, with my family living so far away it was so special to have my brother and Eydna visiting  and being surrounded by my own little family.

Iris Xx



James managed to get the writing on my birthday cake done in Faroese – and yes, we had cake for days and days after the birthday!


My brothers girlfriend Eydna has such a great connection with JJ. I can still not believe that her and my brother chose to spend part of their first couples holiday with us! There will be another blog with more pictures from their visit.DEC_0317

JJ and his cousin Corvin. We are so lucky to have Corvin and his family close by, he absolutely adores JJ and I can just imagine how good friends they are gonna be when JJ gets a bit bigger.


Kayleigh and me with our kiddies!


Mamma this box is perfect size for me! My mother in law (to be) knows me and my love for baking so she got me a much needed mixer. It has been tried out already and it is amazing!



If you are craving chocolate the following pictures will just make it worse! JJ really enjoyed his first easter egg, he is not getting chocolate again until next easter…as if!

DEC_0332  DEC_0347  DEC_0361 DEC_0367 DEC_0372 DEC_0380 DEC_0382 DEC_0384 DEC_0389


James cooked what was probably the best lamb ever!


That is all folks. I don’t feel a day over 22 🙂


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